Tenorio 70%

The classic bittersweet dark chocolate bar. We choose the cacao with the best flavor from producers all over Costa Rica. Typically a blend of Trinitarios and local hybrids. 30% organic cane sugar. Minimum 72 hours conch time.

Tenorio 70% Couverture 1 Kg block

Our version of a super delicious and premium quality for pastry chefs, bakers, chocolatiers and chocolate lovers in general - same chocolate as our bars in an untempered version. $30 + sales tax when applicable.

Cañas 40% White Chocolate w/cacao nibs

Delicious white chocolate bar made from locally produced cacao butter, grass-fed cow's milk and the raw cane sugar called "tapa de dulce" with lots of flavor and a taste of tropical sun. To add contrast and crunch we throw in a bunch of fresh roasted cacao nibs!

This smaller bar comes in a inner and outer wrapper of more rustic design. Same flavors as the larger bars

Cacao Beans in 300 g bag

300 g fermented and dried cacao beans of the finest Costa Rican quality, ready to roast! The Kraft bag is heat sealed and resealable with a zipper - $7.00/3,900 Colones.

Also available in Jute gift bag for $14.00/ 7,550 Colones

Filled Bonbons

Fresh made in a wide variety of white, milk and dark chocolate with filling of our own handmade ganache 

Inquire about our daily selection

Price per bonbon 800 Colones

Elegant Gift Box:

w/3 bonbons - 3,800 Colones

w/4 bonbons - 4,900 Colones

Bijagua 56% Milk w/almonds

Same as above with the addition of sliced almonds.

Bijagua 56% Milk w/natural orange

Same delicious milk chocolate recipe infused with natural slow-dried orange 

Lava 56% Milk w/chili pepper & nutmeg

This original recipe is one of our best sellers based on the Bijagua milk chocolate. We add the chili pepper in flakes about midway in the refining process and the nutmeg a little later. First bite is pure Bijagua with nutmeg in the bouquet but after a few moments the melting butter releases the chili for a little extra heat and a spicy chocolate experience!

Tenorio 70% with roasted coconut

We roast dehydrated and shredded coconut in cacao butter and add it to the classic Tenorio chocolate.

Chocolate bars


45 gram bars in exclusive gift packaging - $6/3,250 Colones

Cacao Nibs in 300 g bag

300 g fresh roasted cacao nibs of the finest quality. The Kraft bag is heat sealed and resealable with a zipper - $9.00/4,900 Colones

Also available in Jute gift bag for $16.00/8,650 Colones

Tenorio 70% with ginger

Same as above but we grind our own dehydrated natural

ginger in with the chocolate early in the process for a complete infusion

Gift Box - with 3x30 g bars

Beautiful little gift box with our logo in relief - inside you find three 30 g bars individually wrapped:

White 40% w/ cacao nibs

Milk 56% w/almonds

Dark 70% w/cacao nibs

$10 or 5,400 Colones

Our chocolate bars are all handmade using the best ingredients available. We roast the Costa Rican cacao beans gently to preserve the fine and subtle nuances apparent in our finest dark chocolates - but we also like to find combinations with natural ingredients like chili pepper, nutmeg, curry and coconut among other additions to our bars. We reject categorically the use of unnecessary ingredients like (soy) lecithin as we think they hurt the taste of our chocolate.

Cacao Skin Care - 140 g

100% natural cacao paste made from the roasted beans and husk. 90% cacao, 5% organic oatmeal and 5 % organic olive oil. Greta for all skin types, rejuvenates and softens dry or worn skin and makes your skin elastic again.

140 g glass jar for just $15.00 / 8,250 Colones

Upala 85% Single Origin

Our darkest chocolate bar. 85% pure cacao from the Upala region in the Zona Norte of Costa Rica. A blend of Trinitarios and local hybrids. 15% organic cane sugar. Gentle roast and minimum 72 hours refining and conching time gives you a silky smooth and very intense chocolate experience, long melt and lasting deep flavors with a hint of caramel.


Assorted mini-bars 8 grams

Smaller bite-sized versions of our popular chocolate 

White, milk, dark, extra dark

Per mini-bar 500 Colones

1 big bag with 24 mixed mini-bars just 6,900 Colones

Tenorio 70% with curry-roasted coconut

Taking it one step further and roasting the coconut in curry and cacao butter before adding it to the chocolate.

30 g square bars - $3.50/1,900 Colones

Bijagua 56% Milk Chocolate

Semi dark milk chocolate in which we use a small amount of local grass-fed cow's milk powder, just enough to make it smoother and still leave room for a great cacao presence. Our sweetener is the locally produced raw cane sugar called "tapa de dulce"

Tenorio 70% with cacao nibs

Same as above but we add a good amount of fresh roasted cacao nibs to give a more intense cacao experience and some crunch!

Happy Balls!

A nutritious blend of high-fibre and delicious ingredients:










Cacao Nibs


Peanut Butter

All covered in thick dark chocolate sprinkled with coconut!