We only make chocolate of the finest cacao Costa Rica has to offer. For every batch Henrik chooses carefully between different growers by hand-picking the batches through a thorough and careful tasting process.


We make small-batch fine chocolate. Still, we are no snobs when it comes to chocolate - whatever your fancy we'll deliver! We have a range of bars from white chocolate to Extra Dark chocolate - and if you don't feel we have exactly what you want on our menu, we'll be happy to customize your personal chocolate order!

Flexibility is key, and Private Label orders are no stranger to us. As long as they don;t compromise on quality and the purity of ingredients - we only make chocolate of the best quality!

why choose us

I have been infotaining visitors and locals alike on the virtues of cacao and the delicious history of chocolate since 2010. Parallel to my workshops I have been making fine chocolate products - always with an emphasis on purity and a no-nonsense approach - no artificial ingredients!


Costa Rica is making a name for itself in the World of fine cacao and chocolate. This tiny Paradise on Earth is well known for its green policies and friendliness towards the environment and guests visiting the magnificent country and it's breathtaking nature.. Costa Rica is also on the forefront of R&D in terms of securing the future of fine flavor cacao and chocolate - and The Beach Chocolate Factory is an integrated part of this exciting movement!

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